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Workflow Scheduler

Use MS Dynamics CRM to Schedule Workflows Efficaiously

One of the most vital necessities to achieve success in the businesses is the ability to effectively schedule the workflows and ensuring timely completion of al the vital tasks. Pregnancies understands the requisite of the automatic scheduling of the iterative tasks and how the automatic execution can save a lot of hassles for the employees. Thus, we offer our clients a contemporary CRM based tool that enables the execution of the periodic tasks with auto-trigger functionality.

How Workflow Scheduler Works?

Every business organization has sevral repeatable processes which are required to be performed periodically in order to support the productivity and performance in an organization. Workflow Scheduler allows the organizations an efficacious way to complete the tasks which are required on the periodic basis.

The manual execution of these tasks requires dedicated personnel and is time consuming. On the flip side. The workflow scheduler enables automatic execution of the tasks with the required frequency freeing up the professionals to focus on th core activities of the organization. It also supports considerable time savings and this time can be invested in other organizational processes.

Pragmasys’s Workflow Scheduler enables the users with an array of options to schedule the workflows, including:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Once a week/month
  • A specific day/days of the week or month
  • After a particular time interval

Access Record Sets With Pragmasys Workflow Scheduler

Pragmasys, is one of the leading CRM services company that offers its clients exceptional dynamics CRM service management and CRM based products such Workflow Scheduler that not only enables the workflow scheduling as per the required periodicity, but also provide the clients with the capability to record the sets by leveraging the Find / Fetch XML Views.

Workflow Scheduler automatically triggers the tasks at the required times while making it easier to initiate the updates to the specific entry records. Apart from these, the Workflow Scheduler provides a broad array of advanced functionalities to facilitate the execution of the tasks, scheduling time patterns, reducing the overhead and leverage the Advanced Find Queries to find the information pertaining to the records which will get impacted after the task schedule is triggered.

Features of Workflow Scheduler?

We are the Microsoft dynamics CRM partners who offer our clients an extensive set of CRM products. Our Workflow Scheduler is an incredible tool that enables organizations to achieve operational efficiency. Following are the salient features of Workflow Scheduler:

  • With native Dynamic CRM features, Workflow Scheduler does not need any external programs
  • The “Advanced Find” feature supported by Workflow Scheduler enables it to perform powerful record targeting for developing the queries which can target a particular set of records for the different schedules
  • Owing to its high performance capabilities, the Workflow Scheduler enables building sub-schedules for processing colossal sets of records on the periodic basis.
  • It offers a variety of workflow scheduling frequencies, and thus, the repeatable tasks can be automatically executed whenever required

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