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Pragma Unified Search

Searching the required records in the database comprised by a colossal number of entries can be quite a daunting task unless you use an efficacious tool that makes it easier to perform the required search. Pragmasys offers “Pragma Unified Search” as an add-on over the Microsoft Dynamics CRM services to enable the users with the inimitable capabilities to search through the records in a single screen through a vast array of entities. One of the best features that Pragma Unified Search offers is that unifies the entire search operation while eliminating the need to browse through the multiple entity screen such as leads, contacts, opportunities and cases. With the unique capabilities of Pragma Unified Search, you can save a considerable amount of time spent in searching through the entities.

Features of Pragma Unified Search

Pragma Unified Search possesses a broad array of features which make it an incredible tool that enhances the performance while making the search processes highly time efficient. Some of the vital features exhibited by the Pragma Unified Search include:

  • It allows the configuration of up to 10 activities for the search task conduction
  • Users can access the search results through a contemporary UI
  • It leverages the quick find views for performing searches and determining the fields for searching
  • It enables the flexibility to click titles in order to navigate through the search records
  • It enables a search icon which is always present in the global navigation bar to ensure easy access to the Pragma Unified Search
  • Users can search the CRM from anywhere using the Pragma Unified Search
  • Users can perform a search in the activities and notes as well
  • The tiles are developed for easy access to the search records and tiles are comprised of the first three fields in the CRM’s quick find view
  • Pragma Unified Search is compatible with CRM 201 and 2013

Flecxibility and Configurability of Pragma Unified Search

Pragmasys is one of the top notch Dynamics CRM consultants that offers its clients a broad array of MS CRM based products to enhance the effectiveness of the CRM and to augment the overall productivity in the organization. Using the Pragma Unified Search, one can easily search across the records with distinct record types. It facilitates a plethora of attractive features which enhance its usefulness and flexibility. The users can use the underlying “Quick Find” views of the specific entities while using the flexibility and existing configurations of the CRM.

Users can configure the Unified search, as the administrators are facilitated with the abilities to make the selection of the entities for leveraging the Quick Find search fields. The users can are provided with the option of preview of the search results apart from the direct access.

All you need to do is enter the search criteria through the general navigation bar and Pragma Unified Search will automatically perform the search operation through the entire CRM system in order to deliver the required search results in an easily accessible manner.

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