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Pragma Survey

You Want to conduct effective surveys with custom designed survey questionnaires? Do it directly sing our CRM enabled Pragma Survey Solution.

The Cardinal Features of Our Pragma Survey CRM Solution:

Surveys have become an imperative aspect of the businesses seeking to gain the insights through the perspectives and viewpoints of the different people, whether they are the customers, prospects, targeted audiences or stakeholders. However, it’s vital to use advanced technology oriented survey solutions to enhance the effectiveness of the surveys and to ensure accurate results.

Efficient surveys can help you glean valuable information that can be leveraged to make better decision, serve customers with the anticipated services and cater to your audience in an efficacious manner. We, at Pragmasys understand the significance of the surveys for the businesses, and being one of the most renowned Dynamic CRM consultants offer a highly cutting-edge CRM based survey solution – “Pragma Survey”.

Using the Pragma Survey, you can develop and conduct comprehensive surveys, including internal surveys, partner surveys, opinion polls and customer surveys.

Features Of Pragma Survey:

  • Easy Survey Development

    Pragma Survey is an exhaustive tool that helps you gain resourceful insights through the collection of the survey results. It facilitates effective planning, development and conduction of the surveys, while supporting the storage, sorting and analysis of the results collected through the surveys.

  • Sorting and Analysis of Survey Results

    Using Pragma Survey, you can not only develop the surveys, but can also sort, store and perform analysis on the results of the surveys to derive valuable insights that can support informed decision making process in the organization.

  • Stress Free Surveys

    Planning, development, circulation and collection of results of a survey can be a daunting process in the absence of a centralised survey development tool and analysis solution. But, Pragma Survey ensures that you can easily conduct the different surveys and send the developed surveys to the participants directly from the CRM.

  • Comprehensive Support

    Pragmasys is one of the top-notch CRM services company that offers its clients complete support for its products including Pragma Survey. We offer round the clock on our CRM products.

What Differentiates Pragma Survey?

Pragma Survey, unlike its other CRM based survey development counterparts, offers an exhaustive set of features which differentiate it and enable it to deliver unparalleled results. Pragma Survey is a contemporary tool offered by Pragmasys, a leading Dynamics CRM services provider.

Pragma Survey possesses the underlying capabilities of the Micrsoft Dynamics CRM, and thus, is capable of providing its users an unmatched way of developing, circulating and sending surveys through a centralised system. Following are the salient features of Pragma Survey, which make it one of the best CRM survey tools available in the market.

  • The capability to support all-inclusive anonymous surveys
  • Automated sending of the survey questionnaires
  • Configuration of the customised HTML pages, last page images and banner images
  • Creation of a comprehensive survey banks with questions that can be used multiple times
  • The capability to define individual score for each question of the survey to enhance the effectiveness of the collected information
  • The capability to conduct surveys through phones and recording results
  • Questions with a broad array of answer options ranging from yes/no, drop down menu, text answers and numbered values.

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